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I walk into a busy bar on a Saturday afternoon on my own, feeling good grayvee in a dress blue. I sit at the bar and order a drink, which is in the people and the atmosphere of grayvee the bar, the bartender grayvee clearly interested in me, I can tell by his vanity, but I'm not interested in it... not tonight anyway. Half of my second drink, catch a woman sitting in a dark cabin, a little way to my right, my eye. She is looking directly at me grayvee and there's something about her that caught my attention. I turn my head to look completely and then I realize they are not alone, a man sitting across from her. He looks and speaks to the woman before him. gets up and walks over to me. She has short black hair, green eyes and a striking figure. She introduces herself as Angela and asks if the space occupied by me. He sits with me and asks me if I'm alone or waiting for friends I certify that I grayvee am the only one. She asks if you would like to accessionº to see her husband in his place for a drink, people who hate drinking alone. I confirm that I really like and we go on the stand. Term in the first film, followed immediately by Angela. I'm sitting in a corner of the cab, on my left, Angela and her husband in the other corner of the booth to my right. Tom (husband ) is poured champagne for me and ask me why I'm alone. I tell them I wanted something to drink, but do not drink at home, so I went for a drink. I feel Angela 's hand on my knee and I say it..... I wonder why lie and say I'm not. His hand begins to move, thighs, while I wondered why I had gone for a 'quiet' drink with a low cut white dress, unresponsive to feel her hand reach my pussy. Angela smiles and asks why. If you just want a drink, I would not put any underwear and put his fingers inside me as if I complain about it quietly, and she smiles. I lift my left leg orp in the seat of the cab, my pussy open for your fingers. grayvee I smile and respond with Angela, ' You got me ! ' A my right, laughs Tom. I feel his hands on my breasts, the release of one of them on my dress, and stoops to lick and suck my nipples, while his wife continued to stroke my pussy, I can always feel very wet. Angela leans over and licks my lips to kiss in front of me and slowly pushed his tongue in my mouth.... clearly, she's the boss. I feel myself getting wetter and humid and the term of an orgasm, but like I 'm cumming, she takes your hands off my pussy and keeps kissing me. She looks at me and smiled, knowing he wanted to end.... bitch. Tom is sucking my tits and looks up. He suggests this somewhere more private where you can still really enjoy ourselves. I reveal that I booked a room for the night in a hotel around the corner. They both laugh, quiet night... , As he obAll the bar and head for the hotel. When entering the hotel room, I took off my dress, go to bed and lye down with the two looking at me. Tom comes grayvee to me and grabbed my pussy, but I stopped when I get the pants in place, unzip his pants and pulled them down and you can leave them. I grab his cock and take it into my mouth, licked and sucked as deep as possible. Angela joins me in bed and starts licking my pussy while I continued to suck Tom 's cock. I feel like Angela cum slowly begins to suck my clit while I finger. Tom grayvee grabs his hair and pulled him as he starts to fuck my mouth as I cum in the mouth of his wife. As I finish running, Tom pressed me on the bed and grabs his cock, masturbating himself. That splashes and splatters all over my tits. Angela leans forward and begins to lick his cum from me while I'm playing with her ​​tits. She kisses me and I liked the sperm, before returning to my attention on grayvee her breasts and took her nipplemy mouth, sucking and biting grayvee them. Angela sits, straddling me, pushing her pussy on my face. I can connect my arm lick her legs bent and start all over her wet pussy and pushed my tongue into her, sucking her clit. I am Tom and Angela suddenly pull me back a little until the legs hanging off the bed. I'm still licking pussy Angela, and I am Tom ram his cock in me, begins to fuck me, slowly at first, but increasingly difficult. I push my fingers into Angela and continue to lick her clit, as she begins to cum all over my body, while Tom fucks me. While Angela is Cumming, Tom lifts away from me and put her on the grayvee bed on all fours and begins to fuck her from behind, grabbed her by the shoulders to fuck as hard as you can. I bleach Angela grabbed her breasts and pulling on the hard drive, sucking her nipples. I reach my hand and stroking grayvee her clit until they both cum. the left and head to clean the toilet. When I returned to the room, they are both theseeps into the bed. I get dressed, grab my bag and then get to the hidden video camera that off. When I leave the room, I smile, knowing that Mark was going to enjoy his gift.
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